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Intermountain Gas Company
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About Us
Intermountain Gas Company ("Intermountain") is a subsidiary of MDU Resources Group, Inc., a multidimensional natural resources enterprise traded on the New York Stock Exchange as "MDU."

Intermountain is the primary distributor of natural gas in Southern Idaho and our service territory extends across the entire Southern part of the state. In order to serve the natural gas requirements of our customers, Intermountain has constructed thousands of miles of DOT compliant transmission and distribution mains, compressor stations and service lines.

Intermountain was the first utility in the Northwest to offer the choice of transportation service to its industrial customers. Today, Intermountain offers a variety of service alternatives tailored to meet your natural gas energy needs. We continue to explore innovative methods to help enhance the quality of your natural gas delivery requirements in today's dynamic marketplace.

Our objective is to ensure that natural gas remains your energy fuel of choice in Southern Idaho. So whether you are interested in bundled sales or transportation service or, if you simply have questions, we want to help.

Intermountain Gas Company
Gas Distribution System

About Our Industrial Customers
Industrial customers are the large-volume natural gas users on Intermountain Gas Company’s distribution system, accounting for approximately 45% of our annual throughput. Our industrial customers include potato and other food processors, chemical producers, fertilizer plants, electronics factories, educational facilities and medical institutions providing jobs for thousands of Idahoans.
How Do I Qualify for Industrial Service?
Industrial service is available to any new or existing Intermountain customer using a minimum of 200,000 therms annually.
Please Explain My Service Alternatives*

Intermountain offers two basic alternatives to our industrial customers: “bundled” sales and “transportation-only” services. These services are more fully explained below:

Bundled Sales Service. Under the bundled sales service, Intermountain procures the natural gas supply and, bundled with our firm interstate and firm distribution pipeline capacity, transports and delivers your daily natural gas requirement right to your facility

LV-1 – Firm Sales service.

Available to any new or existing customer that annually uses at least 200,000 therms but not more than 500,000 therms. You simply inform Intermountain of your daily gas requirements, and we deliver it.

Transportation Service. Under transportation-only service, customers make their own arrangements (normally through a natural gas  marketer ) to procure their natural gas supply and their own transportation on the  interstate pipeline system. Should you choose to procure your own interstate capacity and gas supply, you also have the option to choose between either firm or  interruptible transportation capacity on our distribution system.

T-3 – Interruptible distribution-only Transportation Service.

Intermountain provides interruptible distribution transportation capacity. The customer is responsible to provide the natural gas supply and interstate pipeline transportation capacity necessary to deliver its daily natural gas requirements to Intermountain’s distribution system. Under T-3 you, or your appointed marketer, would deliver your daily natural gas requirements to Intermountain, at one of our citygate interconnects with Northwest, and Intermountain would deliver that gas, on an interruptible basis, to your facility.

T-4 – Firm distribution-only Transportation Service.

T-4 service is similar to T-3 except that Intermountain provides firm distribution transportation capacity. Under T-4, Intermountain would deliver to your facility, on a firm basis, the natural gas supply we receive from you at our citygate interconnects with Northwest.

 * All service described herein is subject to the rules, regulations and provisions of Intermountain’s  tariff(s) as approved by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission  (“IPUC”) as may be amended from time to time.

I am Interested in Industrial Service. Where Do I Start?

To obtain service under our industrial tariffs, a qualifying customer must execute a one-year written contract with Intermountain. The contract will outline terms of service including a mutually agreeable level of maximum daily delivered natural gas volume also referred to as “Peak Day” or “Contract Demand”. A new customer may be required to reimburse Intermountain for construction costs associated with incremental facility requirements. These costs vary depending on factors such as the plant’s distance from our existing facilities and your projected level of usage.

As an industrial customer, you will be required to provide daily nominations for expected natural gas consumption and you must balance deliveries of gas supply with actual consumption. As such, you will likely want to engage an energy marketer, or agent, to act on your behalf. Among other things, a marketer will contract for your gas supply and/or transportation needs, balance your daily deliveries within tolerances required by both interstate pipelines and Intermountain, and manage your daily operational and informational needs. To help you locate a marketer, we can provide to you a list of marketers active in this region.

Who Do I Contact at Intermountain Gas Company?

For Industrial customer inquiries, contact Dave Swenson, Manager of Marketing and Industrial Services. Please give us a call.

Phone: (208) 377-6118
Fax: (208) 377-6097
555 South Cole Road
Boise, Idaho 83707

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